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A Passion for Photography: Kristina Staal

Have you ever met someone so passionate about their work that they look for every opportunity to engage? That’s what it’s like working with Kristina Staal of Kristina Staal Photography. Ms. Staal not only loves photography but also capturing those special moments for couples in love.

Kristina and I met somewhat randomly, but instantly connected on our love of all things weddings. We had such a blast getting to know each other that we decided to create a reason to work together. I had the pleasure of working with Kristina recently, and watching her work is a treat. Her mission: to capture the event and have the photographs bring it to life again and again for later viewing pleasure. We chatted with Kristina to learn a little bit more about her and why she chose wedding photography.

Photo by Kristina Staal

Where are you from? Canada! Ottawa, Canada to be specific :o) But, I've lived in Germany, across Canada and the USA

Why wedding photography?

I absolutely LOVE couples in love and getting married. It's basically one of the best, if not THE best day of your life. You're starting a new chapter with the person you love and who is going to spend forever with you...what's better than that!? My favourite part of the wedding day is seeing the groom see his bride for the first time...tears me up every time!

Do you work alone?

When we photographed weddings in Canada, my husband always shot them with me. He's the second shooter / "equipment carry technician" as he puts it :)

What's one thing you wish people would understand about styled shoots?

There is SO much that goes into a styled shoot - tons of logistics, lots of hard work, connecting with other vendors, and creativity. From the perspective of wedding vendors, it's easy to underestimate what goes into a styled shoot, until you actually do it. Also, if you're looking to get published, it's really important to have content that's trendy, will stand out, and will offer something to publishers! From the perspective of the brides and grooms, I hope they're able to look at styled shoots and get lots of creative ideas for their own wedding and realize that they can make visions from styled shoots come to life for their own weddings as well!

If you’re interested in seeing more of Kristina’s work, check out the photos from our Picnic in the Park or her Instagram page. You can also check out highlights from the event to see more behind the scenes and get to know the team. Interested in attending our next event? Sign up today!

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