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A Willing Helper

Martine's help in planning my wedding was invaluable. From helping my groom pick out just right ring to making sure that all the details fell into place on my wedding day, she helped make what would have been a stressful time in my life a joyous one. To this day, the classy wedding program and favors that she designed are a treasured keepsake for so many of the guests who were in attendance. Martine is an expert at planning an elegant, fun, amazing, and memorable wedding and I'm so thankful that she was by my side every step of the way.


A Bride's Best Friend

Martine made sure that all of my t's were crossed. I really didn't know all of the details involved in planning a wedding until my time had come. Martine made sure that I had all my paperwork in order and even in a time crunch she made sure that I didn't have to worry or stress about anything. I've always had a problem with getting people to listen to me, she would make me feel like no one else was talking. She made sure that I got what I wanted and that no one caused me any stress. Whether it was a listening ear, a reality check or someone to make your wishes come true she did it all.


A Friend in Need

My wedding turned out lovely. When I needed help, she was there; when I didn't think I needed help she was there! Martine took care of all my needs and then some.  Also she's the best person to handle those certain family members (if you know what I mean;) She is much more than a wedding planner because she truly cares about the individual, your needs, your wants, and most importantly your wedding day: the date you will never forget and all the wonderful memories that will last you a lifetime.


Best Laid Plans

Martine was my bridal assistant (you know, the one who takes your phone away from you on the day-of because...just trust her on that one).  It was all worth it when, laced up in my dress in the hotel, I saw my breakfast bowl with berries and I leaned over to try to get a spoonful of anything...and plop! A raspberry fell on my dress leaving a nice red bright mark. She had the right equipment on hand to erase it as if it was a standard tool box. I was so amazed. Then after the ceremony,  she had everything needed to get the train of my dress back in picture-ready state. You would have never thought it was dragging on the floor the way it looked!


Just in Time

Last minute is an understatement! I had been planning my wedding on my own and thought I had everything in place. Then one late night the week of the wedding I remembered: THE PROGRAMS!  Hyperventilating and frantic, my dear friend recommended Martine to make my program design and have it ready for printing.  In a blink of an eye, Martine sent me drafts to pick from and I had the leisure to make my own adjustments! She was the most prompt vendor I had throughout the entire wedding process and she gave me the most beautiful programs for my guests!  Five stars! 


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