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Let the Festivities Begin! The Engagement Party

On bended knee, he finally popped the question. With trembling hand, she joyful cried yes! The engagement is official and everyone wants to celebrate. Here’s a rundown of what, when, who, where and how for the opening ceremony of wedding festivities:

The Engagement Party

The engagement party is a wonderful occasion to celebrate the momentous event in the lives of 2 people. Rather than having to individually visit all of the important people in a couple’s life, an engagement party is a fun and efficient way to spread the news and celebrate the joining of two lives.

An engagement party occurs anywhere from the day of up to 3 months up after the engagement. For obvious reasons, planning an engagement party before the engagement occurs would be premature and once 3 months have passed the news of the engagement is circulated enough to render a party redundant. So if you want to enjoy the fun of an engagement party, don’t delay in planning and throwing one.

Traditionally, the engagement party is hosted by the parents of the bride. However, nowadays, the groom’s family may also host the engagement party or the families may co-host the event. Favorite aunts, uncles, godparents, or close friends may also wish to celebrate the milestone moment of an engagement with a party. Who does not host the engagement party? The couple. Neither the bride nor groom should host the party for themselves. Family and friends may seek the couple’s input while planning the party, but the bride and groom should otherwise just enjoy the loving gift of a party thrown in their honor.

The engagement party is attended by parents, close family members, the wedding party and close friends. Generally, an engagement party is an intimate affair whereby the closest inner circle of the bride and groom celebrate the engagement. Those who host the party must ensure that anyone invited to the engagement party also receives an invitation to the wedding. If the hosts are in doubt of someone’s closeness to the couple, then it’s best that they leave that person off the guest list until they confirm if that guest will also be invited to the wedding.

An engagement party can be held in a home, restaurant, or reception venue. It completely depends on the theme that the couple and/or hosts want to set for the event. It can be formal and upscale or an informal backyard cookout. The most important thing is that the guests of honor enjoy themselves.

Planning an engagement party shouldn’t leave the hosts exhausted and frustrated. Invitations can be delivered either by hand, mail, or digitally. It’s considerate to give guests advance notice of at least 3 weeks before the event so that they can plan accordingly. Let the guests know the dress code so that no one feels awkwardly under or overdressed for the party. Give thought to music and activities that fit the theme of your engagement party to make it a memorable night for all. Regarding food, anything goes! If cocktails and hors d’oeuvres are what you wish to serve guests so be it. The hosts may even decide on serving a buffet or a seated meal. The rules on engagement parties are relaxed so as to allow for much variety in its planning.

Wedding planning can get overwhelming from the first of the festivities to the big night. With some guidance from a trusted professional, planning can be a snap. The engagement party is a great way to begin the celebration of love!

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