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Meet the Vendors: Part 2: An Interview with a Florist

Most people spend a year planning their wedding, and they meet hundreds of people along the way. By the time your wedding day rolls around, you will have hopefully had the opportunity to make some good friends from the vendors that you selected. For me, that’s one of the best parts of wedding planning: finding new friends that I can help support on their wedding day. Vendor selection is often the most time-consuming part of wedding planning and it can often be challenging to find vendors that fit your vision of the perfect day. One of the ways to help reduce the time spent and your comfort-level with the vendors is to get to know them better. Today, I’m introducing you to Mayuri Parikh, a florist and a key wedding vendor that you will have the opportunity to meet and get to know even better at our upcoming picnic in the park.


A Luxury Experience: Mayuri is a luxury florist and event designer and owner of Mayuri’s Floral Design who has been serving her clients for almost ten years. As a florist, her focus is on providing glamorous backdrops as well as complete décor and design services for luxury weddings. As part of her services, Mayuri also provides education and consulting services to help her clients make the best selections for their weddings. One of the most frequently asked questions is where should couples focus their attention when it comes to flowers? According to Mayuri, “I always tell them that bouquets and boutonnieres are the one place that the bride and groom should never compromise as they will show up in tons of wedding pictures!”

Surprise and Delight: A vendor’s goal should always be to ensure that they provide complete satisfaction to their customers, but some go even beyond that and aim to provide an extra level of service that will truly wow their customers. Mayuri tells us about her experience doing exactly that: “I met with the bride and her parents and we did the sample for their table centerpiece and discussed all different moving part of the wedding. They hired us and realized that we would add a lot of value and peace of mind to their daughter's day. This venue is unique in a sense that you basically just have four walls to start with. They had to have tables, chairs, linens, cutlery and more items brought in for the wedding. Bride's parents wanted to see their daughter's reaction so they brought her in with her eyes closed and when the bride saw the room, she started crying with joy of tears and happiness. That really made my day.”

Mayuri’s passion for flowers and her dedication to her customers will help make your wedding day truly outstanding. She will be one of our featured speakers at Empowering The Capable Bride, so come learn more about her and see some of her work along with our other featured speakers.


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