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Why Wedding Planning Take So Long

In my last post, I mentioned that wedding planning takes a good deal of time. You’ve heard the horror stories: wedding planning is a time suck that takes a way all your free time for about a year. If you’ve never had the opportunity to plan a large event, you may be asking yourself what can possibly take so much time. After all, it is just one day, right? The truth is, there’s a reason that planning takes so long, and the key to preserving sanity is preparing yourself and getting in to the right mindset.

Wedding planning timing photo by Joey Place

A Steep Learning Curve: More often than not, your wedding may be the only big event that you have to plan. Anything you’re doing for the first time will take time to learn. If you add to that the fact that you’re emotionally invested in the outcome and the fact that you have no real incentive to actually learn the tricks of the trade (for a one-time event), it makes it that much more challenging to get ahead of the learning curve. Some parts of planning are unavoidable, but you don’t have to be an expert to plan your event as long as you have an understanding of what you’re getting in to. Take the time to create a good plan, ask for assistance where you need it, and use the tools you have available to simplify the process and get to the fun parts of wedding planning.

Pleasing Everyone: It may be a wedding for two people, but your friends and family may also want to offer their own expert advice and opinions. Trying to please everyone takes time, and the outcome is still unlikely to make everyone happy. Wedding planning can be a series of compromises, so it’s necessary to take stock of the parts that are most important to you and your partner. Once you understand those, be sure to explain your priorities to everyone involved, and get them excited about supporting you in your choices.

Making Decisions: Every step of wedding planning can be likened to a new decision you have to make. If you are naturally indecisive, or you’re having a hard time making decisions when faced with too many choices, you may want to consider enlisting the help of a wedding planner to help narrow the field. If you have a good understanding of your priorities for your special day and you get the right support, you can simplify the decision making process.

Ultimately, coming up with the right plan for you can help you enjoy the wedding planning process as well as the actual wedding day. We can help couples find a good balance so that they can kick off their planning process in the right manner. Contact us and simplify your journey!


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