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The Best Wedding Hair Resource Ever!

I’m pretty sure that the whole reason that Pinterest exists is to find the perfect wedding hairstyle. Oh, it’s not? Excuse me if I beg to differ. If Pinterest existed over a decade ago, I would have saved many precious hours combing through magazines and tracking down newspaper wedding pictures. Pinterest is hands down the best way to research the perfect wedding hairstyle. Period. Let me give you a few good reasons why you should begin your hair search on Pinterest:

Photo by Tony Yang

Unlimited Choices – If you’re the kind of bride who needs choices beyond just long or medium length hairstyles, this website is for you! No matter what your current hair length, color or texture, a few words typed into the search bar of Pinterest will lead to a plethora of front, back, and side images of gorgeous hair styles. Even if you type in something specific like, “Natural hair wedding up-dos for women of color with a 4c hair type” you won’t be disappointed. Yeah, it’s that good. An added perk is that the right hairstylist also keeps up with the current trends and knows what clients are looking for via Pinterest. So chances are if you fall in love with a hairstyle for your wedding day, a stylist worth their salt who follows the cues offered by clientele will already know exactly what style you’re talking about and will probably show it to you on his or her phone!

Did I mention that this works for the groom too? From haircuts to mustaches, beards and everything in between, the groom and his guys will find some pretty sharp looks by doing a little research.

Countless Links – Along with all those fabulous pin results are the links to the various websites where the pictures are originally posted. Following those links sometimes leads to the discovery of more hairstyles and designs that were not featured on Pinterest. Moreover, you may find that a few of the original stylists or brides depicted in the pictures are either within your region or that they even offer that you contact them via the web. Try doing that with a magazine clipping! If you want the real skinny on how to achieve that look or how it truly held out in crazy weather conditions, it doesn’t hurt to drop them a line and ask a question. Most bloggers are delighted to know that people have found them on Pinterest and that all their hard work is not in vain. Stylists often wouldn’t mind a new client. If they aren’t too far from where you live, perhaps you can book a trial appointment.

Personalized – Pinterest is a social media site so it’s amazingly easy to collect your findings all on a page you create. The ease of pinning your hairstyle selections cannot be minimized. And if you want to share your dream wedding hairstyle with your mom, your sisters or your best friends, you are just one click away from sending your personalized hairstyle board to all your favorite critics. Additionally, you will soon start getting some suggested boards based on your preferences that open up a ton of great hair options for your consideration.

A show-stopping hairstyle is a must for your wedding. After you’ve poured so much time and effort into every little detail, why mess it up by making your hairstyle an afterthought? A capable bride always knows where to find the right resources to do the job right. For THE look that will take his breath away as you walk down the aisle, I’ve got one word for you ladies: Pinterest.

Mic dropped.


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