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January, the month of resolutions. Before the new year a lot of us set our resolutions or #goals for the coming year. But for brides-to-be, that list of “resolutions” can be very disheartening. Below are some simple resolutions from setting fitness goals to making changes that help ease your state of mind:

KEEP PERFECT, SIMPLE Everyone gets a little crazy after the holidays and brides to be are no exception. There’s so much focus on losing weight, looking perfect or fitting into a specific dress size. Keep it simple. Everything in moderation. It’s great to have goals, eat healthy foods, and exercise but don’t go crazy trying to run a marathon or work out 3 times a day. Instead, start simple by creating a routine and sticking to it. You can start by keeping active 10 minutes a day in the morning before your shower or before bed. Set small goals like doing 5 push ups and sit ups and adding one more every other day. You can then keep building up from there until you get to 10 and it become your routine and then move on to setting a goal of 20. This is something you and your partner can commit to together and maybe make it interesting by making a friendly wager. Same applies to eating habits. Read the labels and keep track of what it is your putting in your body. It’ doesn't mean you deprive yourself, just treat yourself every once in awhile.

ACCEPT HELP FROM OTHERS If you’re anything near a “A” type personality it’s very easy to get caught up in doing everything yourself and then panicking in the end when you have to do everything yourself. Relax and let others help you. Be specific about your needs and let it go. You can always manage the project from afar. Another helpful thing you can do is create a “to-do” list and pick out things others can easily accomplish like picking up your vail or making phone calls to various vendors for rates, etc. No matter the size of your wedding, there’s always a lot to do, so let the people you love and trust and want to help, help. It will make both you and them happy.

EASE YOUR MIND "Brides are way too hard on themselves and there's so much pressure surrounding the wedding as well," says Marisa Ronca, Principal Designer of Marisa Nicole Events. "Coming out of the holidays, brides just feel this pressure and they put that pressure on themselves—I think that brides need to give themselves a break." Scaling back on the time spent on social media or looking to see what others have done can be helpful to your happiness and state of mind. "I think because we see so much on Pinterest, brides think they have to do certain things and everything has to be perfect," says Marisa. "Don't just do a Pinterest detail because you saw it and think it's cool, do it because it resembles your relationship and who you are."

DON'T COMPARE YOURSELF It’s helpful to do research and get ideas but comparing yourself to others is never good, and in the new year, try to do away with outside pressure. Put your focus on what makes you happy and don’t get caught up on what this one did or didn’t do. Do what works for you.

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