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With a Little Help From Your Friends

Let’s face it: wedding planning is work. It’s the reason there are so many memes, blog posts, and content about the subject. There are two things I hear all the time from my clients: 1) I’m so glad I hired you, you’ve made this so much easier, and 2) I really thought I could handle this myself, but I couldn’t. I’d like to let you all in on a secret: wedding planning was never designed as a solo activity. Putting together an event of any size would require help, but if you also add in the emotions, expectations, and expense of a wedding, you can start to see where help isn’t just a nice-to-have.

So here's a little encouragement: make time for yourself, even as you're busy planning your wedding. While having a wedding planner could be considered more than a nice to have, the more important part is to help you see where you may have to start delegating tasks to others. If you're newly engaged, be sure to take some time to enjoy the glow before diving in to wedding planning. If you've been planning heavily for a while, come up for a little breather and acknowledge all that you've already accomplished. And if the thought of planning any further is a source of stress, remember that you can always count on a little help from your friendly-neighborhood wedding planner! I know what you’re thinking: yes, having a planner would be nice, but it’s also a luxury item that I can live without. So here’s my question: what is your time worth? What about the time of your friends and family? Beyond that question, I would also invite you to think of if the “expense” of a wedding planner would be worth it if you would save costs elsewhere (along with saving time and your sanity). 

To be clear, this isn’t meant to say that everyone needs a full-service wedding planner. My goal is really to help you examine the situation from all angles, and then decide what’s right for you. Below are some common questions you may have about the process. Explore, and examine if maybe, perhaps, getting professional assistance seems like a good option. Do I really need a wedding planner? That depends on how you define need. If you’d like for you and your guests to enjoy such an important day rather than be consumed with the details of planning an event, then yes, you do need a planner. How do I make the most of The Capable Bride planning services? It all starts with a consultation. You can schedule one at your convenience so that we can discuss your specific needs. The consultation is free of charge and helps start the planning off the right way. What does full service planning include? The Belle of the Ball Package is start-to-finish event planning. It’s all customized to what you need, but every full-service package includes vendor recommendations, site visits, vendor contract reviews, and coordination on the day of the wedding. What can I expect from “day-of” services? For starters, more than just the day-of service! Our coordination package (the Capable Jane Package), which includes services leading up to the wedding day, is great for those who have completed all of the planning work and are looking for professional assistance for the event. It includes confirmation with all vendors as well as the wedding rehearsal and, of course, coordination on the day of the event. What if I already know the vendors I want to use? Can I still use a wedding planner? You can with The Capable Bride! In this case, you may be better off using coordination services rather than full-planning, but it depends on your specific needs, which we discuss during the initial consultation. I’m a real take charge kind of bride. I already booked everything I need for my wedding day. Why should I call The Capable Bride? That is great news! However, have you thought about who will ensure that all of your vendors are following your specifications? While you’re getting ready, who is ensuring that things are getting completed on time? Is anyone going to follow up with all the vendors and give them a schedule to follow on the day of? What about making sure that the florist is setting up the hall the way that you had laid out in your vision? There are a lot of details to handle even if all the vendors are booked, and The Capable Bride can help you with all of these. Help! I’m the maid of honor and I have no idea how to assist the bride! Can The Capable Bride help me? Yes, we can! We have a package (The Capable Bridesmaid) designed just for you. Give us a call to discuss your specific needs. Does the size of my wedding matter if I want to use a wedding planner? The size will determine how much help you need, but having a wedding planner is helpful no matter the size. I procrastinated and now I’m out of time to create the wedding of my dreams, can a wedding planner truly help? Planning will definitely be needed if you’d still like to make this the wedding of your dreams! Give us a call today so we can make dreams happen (the sooner, the better).

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