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What's in a bride show?

Here you are, freshly engaged and still smiling from how he took to the knee, and you said yes. The phone hasn’t stopped ringing and you have relived that moment over a thousand times while gazing at that breathtaking ring on your finger. Then it hits you: what do you want your wedding to be like? If you aren’t one of those who had your wedding planned from birth, then at this moment your mind is spinning out of control thinking of a million ways to plan your wedding. First step: breathe. Here you will find ways to handle the ordeal.

Attending Bridal Shows can be a great place to start your wedding planning. Now, before you run off into the world of bridal, make sure you walk in with a list of the things you want in mind. How simple or intricate the list is completely up to your liking, but it will certainly help keep you from becoming overwhelmed.

First things first: find out when and where a Bridal Expo will be taking place around your area and take someone with you for emotional support. Make sure to wear comfortable shoes, take a tote bag for collecting flyers, bring a camera for the things you’d like to reproduce, and labels with your personal information to leave with the vendors so you don’t develop carpal tunnel. Also, create a wedding email so your personal account isn’t cluttered with advertisements.

Next: be practical. I know it’s an exciting time, but don’t lose sight of who you are. If the idea of a sunset wedding is more your schtick, then stay away from the fire spitting dragon venues. If simple and elegant is more of your liking, you’ll want to focus on the vendors that cater to your style, especially if there is a budget. Sometimes less is more especially when you want it to be more about you and your future husband and less about impressing your guest and ending up in debt.

Also be prepared to eat! There will be tons of catering companies, so be prepared to try everything that is presented to you if you do not have a menu in mind. Speaking of the dress; there will be thousands of gowns to choose from, and a fashion show depending on the expo you attend, but there are always wedding dresses to see if you are still in the market for one. Be open minded. You just might like that off the shoulder gown if you are not getting married in a church. And let’s not forget the giveaway! Put your label in all the raffles they have; from wedding essentials to formal wear, and finally, the honeymoon trips you actually might want to take. You never know when you and the Mr. just might happen to win that once in a lifetime.

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