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Wedding Trends 2018

Dress: Did you see all the dresses that came out of bridal runway for 2018? They are definitely Baroque-Era-esque. Most of them had capes and capelets. Veils and tiaras are a thing of the past and at least for the spring and summer of next year, the brides not only get to wear their favorite designer, but can also be a queen bride if she wants to. This will be the perfect look for those brides getting married in a church since shoulders must be covered always.

Pearls: Yes, we know, diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but so are pearls and next year the mother pearl is making a comeback. We are going to see pearls not just in earrings, but also rings, necklaces, bracelets, headpieces and even on heels.

Space: Whether you’re getting married indoors or outdoors, less is more. Next year will be all about the space. Large open windows, arc metal frames for hanging decorations, lots of glass, clear lines and less bows on chairs.

Centerpieces: Gone are the days of the flowers, flowers, and more flowers. In fact, eucalyptus will be the main theme for tables, and next year will be all about dramatic pieces like colored glass, different-shaped vases, and vintage frames. Rustic is the new black: think dark ribbons, lanterns and mason jars. The more dramatic they are the more romantic the look so make sure to add whimsy grass to give it a whimsical modern finish.

Sitting: Paper is an option, but so are stones. Although, this trend started late this year stones are making their way to wedding tables with the names of the guest written on them. Also, consider wood, writing the number of the tables on it give your table a nice element.

Food: Think outside of tradition. Couples have found a great way to incorporate their favorite things by adding personality to the menu. Say good-bye to 3 course meals and say hello to alternative cuisine. We will see a big trend next year in food with Mediterranean, Peruvian, even vegan meals being added to the menu. Also, a variety of hors d’oeuvres are making their way into wedding trends where you can pop anything you want in a mini toaster by the bar.

Couples are finding that it gives their guest time to mingle and less waiting around.

Now, keep in mind no matter the trend you can always stay with tradition because one thing’s for sure: love never goes out of style.

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