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Small vs. Large Wedding - Part 1

Part I: Small Wedding

Should you have a small wedding or large wedding? That is usually the most important question and usually the first question that is asked after she says I do. That and “Where is my phone so I can call my mother?” There are many reasons couples opt for a small wedding as opposed to a large wedding. One, they have no friends. Just kidding. But, seriously some folks just prefer a more intimate setting, want a more personal approach to the look and feel of their wedding or they may simply want to use their funds in different areas like the honeymoon or a down payment on a house. Regardless of the reason or the size, your wedding should represent who you and your partner are.

First you must define what a small wedding is to you, most consider a “small” wedding to be anywhere between 2-125 guests, which generally speaking means they tend to be less expensive. When it comes to your budget you can opt to scale back on certain things like extravagant decor and have a lot more flexibility when considering your venue.

Smaller weddings can be traditional or completely outside the box, I knew of a couple who were living in west coast at the time and he and his fiancee where both from the east coast. They had a limited budget and the distance made for planning a little difficult and expensive. They decided on a caribbean resort destination wedding that included the wedding and was centrally located so that who ever could and wanted to attend could, for the same price of an airline ticket and accommodations to the west coast. On top of that they got to enjoy the caribbean and the company of close friends in a beautiful destination.

You can be creative with the venue and decor, incorporate your loved one’s talents by having them perform that guitar solo you love or throw a centerpiece party and have your bridesmaids help put together the centerpieces. The more you do yourself, the less expensive your wedding can be. Smaller weddings also involve less planning and coordinating with guest. You can keep things as simple as you’d like which means less stress. This also affords you the ability to splurge or be luxurious in certain areas. You can now hire that expensive DJ or band you wish you could afford or widen the food menu or open bar selection.

What’s most important, when you have smaller weddings you are sure to have more one on one time with your guests. It’s less about being on schedule and more about enjoying the moment.

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