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Do I Need a Wedding Planner?

This question gets asked time and time again and the answer is always different. Every person, event, and party are different, so how do you know it’s time to hire someone? Here are a few simple things to consider.

We have previously discussed budget and it applies here, too. While hiring a planner does come at a cost, that cost can often be recouped in better vendor pricing your planner negotiates, less losses due to mistakes, no missed deadlines that can incur penalties, and no lost deposits due to changing your mind or choosing a different option. A good wedding planner is a project and business manager who doesn’t only help you pick flowers, but also handles the business of your wedding to make sure deposits and fees are delivered on time, and vendors are paid when they should be. They will also keep a close eye to make sure you get everything you paid for, and that your invoices are all correct. A good planner knows how to help offset their own fees by saving you money elsewhere. So, if the budget allows, go for a planner.

For outdoor ceremonies and receptions, we also urge the use of a planner. The added responsibilities of an outdoor wedding, as discussed in another recent blog, necessitate having a planner to work with. Additionally, if, on the day of, the weather turns against you, having a professional there to quickly and smoothly transition to plan B can be the difference between success and failure. Any time you event calls for a special consideration, like being outside, hire a planer.

The size of the affair is also very important. If yours is going to be a big reception, make sure you have help. Like nearly every aspect of a reception, the number of guests is a huge factor in deciding if a planner is right for you. A large reception puts added strain on every venue and every stage of your wedding. There are usually more bridesmaids and groomsmen, more limos, more flowers, and of course, more guests. The sheer volume of people and accessories in a large affair makes a planner make sense. Further, as large weddings usually cost more, the added security of someone closely watching the checkbook can be a tremendous relief. While some people can absolutely plan their own wedding, particularly a smaller one, going it along on a big reception is likely a mistake.

Finally, what type of person are you? Are you cool and collected or are you prone to hysteria? Are you a detail person or are you better at the broad strokes? How are your record keeping skills? Do you often miss deadlines? When the stress is on and it’s showtime do you rise to the occasion or trip over your own feet? Are you a project manager? Take an honest self-assessment or eve ask others for their opinion. Are you the best person to manage your event, or is the best decision to hire a professional? If your self-assessment indicates you might need a hand, consult with a planner. Some, like The Capable Bride offer free initial consultations, and feature packages that are designed based on the amount of assistance you will need. Have an honest discussion with the planner of your choice, and you will surely make the right decision. Good luck!

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