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Is a Wedding Planner Really Necessary?

Wedding planner and designer tropical table decor. Photo by Vega Touch Studios.

In a time where we can type anything on a search engine, and a thousand results show up, do you really need a wedding planner? It really all depends on whether you have the time and the desire it takes to plan the wedding of your dreams. Here you will find examples to make it easier to decide: from busy schedules to your budget and of course the destination.

Now, let’s go down the list: first, your schedule. Do you have a demanding, full-time job or does it require traveling more than most brides-to-be? Do you have a family to look after with dinner, homework, dance recitals or soccer practice? Is your wedding months away and you just haven’t gotten around to planning it? If you answered yes to any of these, then you might want to consider hiring a wedding planner; and here is why.

Aside from picking a date, dresses, tuxedos, and selecting the wedding party, you must also choose a venue, an officiant, a photographer, caterer, florist, wedding stationery, baker, and a band/DJ. You may even have additional vendors, depending on the type of wedding you're planning. While you can get help from your bridesmaids or mom(s), it's a lot of research that no one may have time for. Beyond just identifying the potential vendors, you also have to schedule calls and meetings, decide on a long list of details with each one, review contracts and align these with your budget. While you're doing all of that, you also need to create your guest list, seating chart, make hotel arrangements, decide on your look for the wedding, and find hair and makeup artists that can help you achieve it, all while dealing with all your day-to-day tasks and keeping your family happy. And that's just all the things that happen before the wedding. The day of the wedding has it's own laundry list of tasks that need to be handled.

Sometimes, if you plan a small party, that can potentially be overwhelming. Can you imagine planning a wedding, especially if we are limited on time? Well, that’s the job of a wedding planner, to make sure they take the load so that you can enjoy the best part of the process: looking forward to the moment you say I do, and finally marrying your best friend.

In fact, a wedding planner may also be a good fit if you have more than simple wedding ideas. They have been in the business for quite some time, and have established a good repertoire which might come with a discount or know where the good deals are. The last thing you want to do is take on the task of planning the wedding of your dreams, and going over your budget.

Another thing to ponder is location. Are you planning a destination wedding? This is a full-time job if you are planning on getting married on another continent where time maybe an issue. If you can do everything you would need to do for a local wedding plus deal with location planning issues, then go for it. However, that’s not all: you will still need to coordinate all the details without being able to see any of it. Along with keeping track of the decorations, and praying that nothing goes wrong, you'll also need to understand local laws and what is and is not allowed. If you can handle all of this, and still enjoy the process, then you won’t need to hire a wedding planner. Hey, you never know, you might even consider becoming one!

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