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How to Pick a Wedding Date

Picking a date for your wedding is an essential part of the process. Perhaps you're deciding based on an anniversary date. I've had some clients pick a date because it will be easy to remember. Before you can pick a venue, you should have at least some idea of when you'd like to have your wedding. If you don't really care, you may be open to deciding based on when your ideal venue is available. Even if you have a particular date in mind, it's good to keep in mind the advantages of each season.

Most seasons have their down sides, and we are aware that some things can’t be controlled (mother nature being one of them). We would like to help you turn some of those cons into pros to make your wedding day just as magical whether it’s in the winter, spring, summer or fall.

A winter wedding was the last option for many years because of the time around it. I’m happy to report, that they are back on the map! I know what you must be thinking, how can one pull it off when it’s right in the middle of the holidays and the recovery process? Well, you can! One thing to consider is that if you plan it right by sending out all the save the dates on time followed by the wedding invitations giving those wanting to attend plenty of time to decide, then there is no reason why you can’t have a winter wedding. Most plan a vacation if they know nothing important has been added to the calendar, but when you add a wedding to the plan, those who want to share your joy will show up.

Winter weddings are just as beautiful as they sound, and you can’t go wrong with the backdrop it provides. One thing to keep in mind is that unless there is an arctic blizzard outside (which make for great pictures but does make moving around challenging), you can still have your wedding under a snow fall. When you think of a winter wedding consider the possibilities of a wonderland, and don’t forget to play with tons of loud bold colors as this will look fantastic in front of a white covered setting.

Spring and Summer are fun for planning a wedding, and depending on where you’re getting married it will make it easier to arrange. Now, consider all the possibilities that come with the season, and that includes not always having your favorite flower available during that time of year. Let’s look at spring for instance: it’s right after winter, which tends to be cooler, and chances are some flowers will be in bloom, but perhaps not the ones you had in mind. If this occurs, then think outside the box and try an alternative if your second favorite flower is also out of stock. Nowadays, wine bottles, mason jars and tons of candles are options to consider rather than centerpieces filled with flowers. This makes it easier when considering a seasonal-style wedding.

Summer lets you play a bit more when it comes to venues, but can also run the risk of heavier rain. If it happens to show rain on your weather app for the big day, take it as a way to add an additional accessory, and plan by adding rain boots to your ensemble. This not only says you turn adversity into success, but that you also look great while doing so.

Fall seems like the perfect time for a wedding, doesn’t it? It right before the weather clicks when you might need an extra blanket on your bed, and well after those long hot summer nights. There is magic in all seasons, but fall is the most romantic one, in my opinion. The trees start to change, and what was once old gets ready to become new again. You can add a stack of pumpkins to your centerpieces instead of flowers which will give it a unique touch.

Nevertheless, always keep in mind that no matter the season, you will have the best time of your life preparing for the ultimate wedding of the year.

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