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The Perfect Bridal Shoes

There are thousands of shoes to choose from on any given day, but we are not talking everyday-shopping here! There are many wedding styles, from wedges to strappy heels, and let’s not forget the flip flops for those getting married by the beach (or for the after party), so yes, it tends to make it hard to decide on what to wear. I once saw a bride get married in her ballet shoes! Let’s keep in mind the heel size to the perfect wedding dress, but those aren’t the only considerations. What if I told you that you could go for a sneaker vs a heel for your wedding day? Nowadays, one of the best things about selecting the perfect bridal shoe is that you could color the material to match the dresses of your bridal party, and vice versa because let’s be honest; not every bride gets married in white! You could also decorate the shoe to your liking if coloring is not an option, many brides adorn their shoes by adding crystals, sequences, pearls, flowers and even gems. How fun is that?

Though, there are many heels to ponder, one in particular is the kitten heel which is hot this winter/spring in case you want to go for a sweet 50s style! Now, let’s think outside the shoe box, there are other alternatives to heels, and one just so happens to be a comfortable sneaker. This started as a trend in 2010, but ones six months had passed, it was no longer a phase, but a life style! Just this past November, Serena Williams bedazzled her Nike Cortez with crystals, I am telling you that possibilities are endless. You could pretty much customize any sneaker from Kate Spade, Converse, Jordan’s to Keds; brides are welcoming the idea of not saying “I do” in a pair of super expensive uncomfortable shoes they would probably not wear again to a more fitting customized sneaker to suit their unique style from head to toe.

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